Friday, 2 July 2010

Battle Report 5 (Mc Guffin's World: Mini Campaign)

This battle was fought at the Solihull club on the 24th of June, it was Seize ground mission objective with dawn of war deployment armies being Marine vs Marine.
It was also the fourth battle in a mini campaign we are running "McGuffin's World"

My opponents list was Master of the forge, 6 basic dreadnought's, 2 tack squads, 2 scout squads, 8 drop pods. I was running a master of the forge with conversion beam, 2 tack squads in razorbacks, 2 terminators squads, a sternguard squad in razorback and a dreadnought.

I lost the roll and was forced to deploy first, this was a major tactical advantage for my opponent as the majority of his army was deepstriking in drop pods it effectively made my game one turn shorter than my opponents.

In retrospect my deployment was poor, with three units too close together on my closest objective i was force to have the master of the forge to join on of them, in future i will keep the master of the forge away from other units it maximize his conversion beamer and also give him a servitor to remove the independent character rule.

I ran the Sternguard up the left flank to grab the far objective expecting my opponent to drop a tack squad there to claim it however that never happened and their special ammunition was once again wasted.

I greatly underestimated the effectiveness of the mass drop pod list, the initial alpha strike of 4 dreadnoughts was very difficult to deal with.
Some very poor assaulting by my terminators took out a few of them but in the end i lost most of my terminations by attrition from extended assaults with dreadnoughts.

In the end i managed to contest two objectives but my opponent had captured one so it was a pretty firm loss on my part.
This battle highlighted perhaps a lack ranged of anti vehicular ability in my army, least successfully unit in my army was the dreadnought not even getting a single shot off.

First turn

Dreadnought alpha strike

One down

Terminators run away

Second wave