Friday, 30 December 2011

Ikea gaming table

In this post I am going to explain how i made a (very) simple modular gaming table.

I have been looking for a gaming table solution for a while that takes up very little space but can easily be setup and would not look out of place in my living room.
Fortunately i live close by to an Ikea where they sell a cheep modular table system called the VIKA system.
This being Ikea all measurements are in metric so the table is just shy of 4' deep by about half an inch and the same again for its width, i feel this is acceptable for gaming as long as its taken into consideration for deployment etc, of course if you had boards or a realm of battle board to put on top then its no problem at all.

The table is effectively three VIKA AMON table tops attached by hinges, the center table top has normal legs but the outer table tops just have table leg mounting plates attached to the corners.
The outer table tops act as drop leaves for the main table so the table can easily be configured from a 2' by 2' to 4' by 4' for smaller games all the way up to the 6' by 4' for normal 40k.
The great thing about the legs for this table is that the mounting plate and the leg tube are threaded so when you want to use one of the leaves its as simple as swinging it out and screwing in the legs from underneath, the tops are quite light so this is no problem to do even with such large drop leaves.

Table tops are called VIKA AMON, they come in a bunch of different styles some of which are rather lurid (bright green) which are oddly cheaper than the more normal looking ones.

Table legs are called VIKA CURRY which also come in various colors.

Hinges were picked up from a normal hardware store, the hinges i used also have removable pins so the whole table can be dismantled without tools if necessary.

That's how it all screws together

Table with leaves down looks quite good

A single leaf up

All leaves up for gaming!

The sheet in the last picture was also sourced from Ikea and is quite a reasonable alternative to a GW grass mat or similar product.

Overall i am quite pleased with the table, it looks good and works well.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bonecrons rise again

With the release of the Necron codex its finally time to bust out my old Bonecrons, fortunately my old favorite unit (Scarabs) is now one of the best in the book however I am annoyed my Monoliths are now pretty rubbish.
Since Scarabs are no longer jetbikes and the little flying stalks they were on are kinda stupid so i have rebased the lot.

The little tufts of grass are the new Mordheim Turf grass tufts from GW, i think they look pretty nice and would recommend them to anyone.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Deffkopta Buzzsaw Conversion


I thought I would update this as I was so pleased with the performance of the Buzzsaw Deffkopta I made another three using a different method.

A full squadron

Right side detail

Left side detail
The arm Assembly is from the Ork Trukk kit (wrecking ball arm)
I drilled out one end to attach a rod which is then glued onto the Deffkopta runners with greenstuff welding detail added after.
The Blade is just plasticard.

*Original Post*

For me its been a bit quite month of 40K although i have managed to make some progress on the Orks.
I have added a Buzzsaw to my one painted deffkopta to make what the Internet calls a "Green Baron"
The saw is from the old plastic epic warlord titan kit.
I have also put paint on my battlewagons, just need weathering up with a bit of mud and some details to be complete.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Boss Snikrot Conversion

So i finally bought a metal Snikrot before they make him in rubbish resin, unfortunately he came with no left arm so i converted up some nob choppa arms, i think he looks pretty good.

As for the campaign, it was very one sided, more so than the overall score reflected.
I think this was mostly due to the bad match up (Orks vs Deathwing) and very bad luck on my opponents part, no one should fail that many 2+ saves.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

1750pts escalation campaign

Myself and Euan at the Empyrean gaming club are currently in the middle of running a mini 1750pts escalation campaign, here is a little sketch i made to map it out.
We are using random Ork and Space Marine battle missions, at the moment i am winning 2:1 although i belive that is majorly due to Orks being very strong a lower point values, i feel at higher point values is went Euans Grail Knights (Deathwing) will become a strong force.

You can check out some war photography from the campaign and some Grail Knight biased accounts (lol) in the clubs forum.

Forum Link

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blackreach Kommandos

Just a few pics of some Blackreach Orks i converted up to be Kommandos.
I used only the guys with blades and attached as many stikbombs and pouches to the models as possible with a few extra geenstuff belts and straps.
The basic color scheme is the same as the rest of my Orks but all armour and guns were painted with a green camo pattern for obvious reasons.

I run these guys with boss Snikrot at games >= 1000pts to good effect, i am in debate wether or not to convert a Snikrot or buy the GW model.

My current W/L/D with the Orks is 10/5/2, i am still really enjoying playing and painting them, the army currently stands at about 50% painted.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kustom Force Field Big Mek Conversion

So i knocked up a big Mek with a KFF/Burna as my 2nd HQ for my Orks.
I think its a good counts as model since its clear it has some weird Ork contraption on his back but i think i could do a better job on the KFF.

On the gaming side i have played another two and a half games with my Orks, a win and a draw.
The half game was ended due to running out of time at the club although i was lossing on kill points at the time i had more to lose and the majority of loses were from transports, its hard to count that as a real loss so i am not counting it at all.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Black Reach Deffkopta to Rokkit Warbuggy Conversion

I wanted some rocket buggies for my Orks but the current "old" buggy model looks terrible so i converted some out of Deffkoptas of which i now have many.

The rear axle is straight off the Trukk model, all my Trukks now only have 2 axles although i think they look better for it.
The front section is from the top of the deffkopta and the old Ork bike model.

I have played 4 games with my Orks now, 1 at 1000pts, 2 at 1250pts and finally 1 at 1500pts of which i have won 3 and lost 1.
I am finding my Orks do very well in the mid game but don't have the staying power to survive a long game, two of my wins would have been draws or losses had the game lasted an extra turn and my one loss would have been a win had it ended sooner.

Friday, 25 March 2011


So i painted up a Deffkopta and one thing led to another and now i have started Orks.
The space elves are on hiatus untill they get a new codex or i get bored again, same for the Bonecrons.

Ork Deffkopta

I really enjoyed painting the DeffKopta, i also used this model to experiment with some weathering powders for the first time, i think they came out real nice.

Color scheme for the Boyz

The list i am aiming for with my Orks is something like:
1 Biker Warboss
1 Big mech with Kustom Force Field
5 Nob Bikers
3 Shoota Boyz mobs in Trukks
1 Ard'Boyz mob with Choppas in Battlewagon
6 DeffKoptas

It nicely fit the all mechanized theme i am going for and should be fun to play.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bonecrons complete, Incoming Eldar and the Cobra Kai?

The Bonecrons are complete for now at 1000pts, i think the simple color scheme with the blue barrels looks really good on an army which is supposed to have very little individual personality.


Next up is repainting my old 2nd edition Eldar army, i want to keep this army as original as possible so i will not be buying any new models or tanks outside of what was made during 2nd edition.

2nd Ed Eldar

The Eldar meet a bucket of Dettol

And finally for the upcoming Necromunda campaign at the Solihull cub i have started repainting my gang "The Cobra Kai"

Two Juve's and a Ratskin Scout

Sunday, 27 February 2011


After being out of the hobby since last summer i have started up once again with a new army!
I call them... Bonecrons!