Friday, 25 March 2011


So i painted up a Deffkopta and one thing led to another and now i have started Orks.
The space elves are on hiatus untill they get a new codex or i get bored again, same for the Bonecrons.

Ork Deffkopta

I really enjoyed painting the DeffKopta, i also used this model to experiment with some weathering powders for the first time, i think they came out real nice.

Color scheme for the Boyz

The list i am aiming for with my Orks is something like:
1 Biker Warboss
1 Big mech with Kustom Force Field
5 Nob Bikers
3 Shoota Boyz mobs in Trukks
1 Ard'Boyz mob with Choppas in Battlewagon
6 DeffKoptas

It nicely fit the all mechanized theme i am going for and should be fun to play.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bonecrons complete, Incoming Eldar and the Cobra Kai?

The Bonecrons are complete for now at 1000pts, i think the simple color scheme with the blue barrels looks really good on an army which is supposed to have very little individual personality.


Next up is repainting my old 2nd edition Eldar army, i want to keep this army as original as possible so i will not be buying any new models or tanks outside of what was made during 2nd edition.

2nd Ed Eldar

The Eldar meet a bucket of Dettol

And finally for the upcoming Necromunda campaign at the Solihull cub i have started repainting my gang "The Cobra Kai"

Two Juve's and a Ratskin Scout