Monday, 2 January 2012

My Opinion of Finecast

My second biggest beef with Finecast after quality must be the lack of perceived value for money over a metal miniature.

A metal miniature has a higher materials cost but that value stays (increases?) with the miniature, a resin miniature is and always will be worthless lump of resin, your only really paying for the craftsmanship and quality used to create said miniature which is already lacking (In my Opinion) over an older metal miniature.

This will in time be reflect in the resale of used miniatures, would you really risk buying a used Finecast miniature from ebay? Imagine how many metal miniatures were sold on ebay in 2011. Examples of which are usually poorly assembled and painted by over enthusiastic teenagers, improperly stored and mistreated for years. Is a Finecast miniature durable enough to survive this and still be in good enough condition to be worth selling?

Is Finecast in part a tool created too control the used miniature market of the future?

Only time will tell...