Monday, 27 February 2012

Battlefield Birmingham 2012

This weekend I went to the Inaugural Battlefield Birmingham 40K tournament, it was the first tournament I have entered and it was good fun.
I took my Chaos Daemons mono God Tzeentch themed list and ended up 27th out of 38 with 2:2:1 (Win Loss Draw) ratio.
The mixture of list was pretty good although there were a lot of Grey Knights and some nasty spam lists.

I played:

1st: Orks, this was a balanced Kan wall list, it was a pretty brutal game that almost ended in a double KO although I just managed to scrape the win on the last turn.

2nd: Grey Knights, this was a Crowe Purifier list backed up by 3 Psyfleman dreads and a Vindicare assassin, only the assassin survived.
From this game I learnt not to kill Crowe in CC as his sacrifice power is extra nasty against Daemons.

3rd: Grey Knights, this was a Coteaz razorback spam list, less said about this game the better, I lost quite badly.

4th: Blood Angels, this was a heavy mech list taking advantage of the assault squad discount, unfortunately fateweaver screwed me over which ruined my plan, otherwise i think i would have done better in this one.

5th: Orks, this was standard Battlewagons with Ghaz, it was a draw although it could of gone either way on the last turn.

My army was also nominated for best painted and came 3rd overall which I was quite pleased about.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The New Face of Evil

My first GK Terminator is now complete!

Im pretty happy with this guy, one of my better paint jobs so far.

The list Im going with for 1500 points is:

x3 Ghost Knights with Halberds (or Swords?)

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Terminator Armour
x3 Servo Skulls

Vindicare Assassin

10 Terminators
x2 Psycannons
x2 Daemon Hammers
x8 Halberds
Psybolt Ammo

10 Terminators
x2 Psycannons
x2 Daemon Hammers
x8 Halberds
Psybolt Ammo

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Grey Knights Terminator Colour Scheme

So now my Daemon army has been completed in looking to start a new project.
I have wanted to do a shooty Terminator list for a while but have not been impressed by the shooting options available with either a Deathwing or Loganwing army so I am going to use the Grey Knight codex and do all Terminators with Mordrak as HQ.
I am really looking forward to modelling and painting up the Ghost Knights as i have a good idea of what they will look like in my mind already.
My main colour scheme will not be the traditional Grey Knight colour scheme but use a simlar palete of colours.

The armour is complete on this bar a few details and extreme highlights, I am however a little stuck on how to paint the Bolter and Halberd.