Sunday, 26 June 2011

1750pts escalation campaign

Myself and Euan at the Empyrean gaming club are currently in the middle of running a mini 1750pts escalation campaign, here is a little sketch i made to map it out.
We are using random Ork and Space Marine battle missions, at the moment i am winning 2:1 although i belive that is majorly due to Orks being very strong a lower point values, i feel at higher point values is went Euans Grail Knights (Deathwing) will become a strong force.

You can check out some war photography from the campaign and some Grail Knight biased accounts (lol) in the clubs forum.

Forum Link

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Blackreach Kommandos

Just a few pics of some Blackreach Orks i converted up to be Kommandos.
I used only the guys with blades and attached as many stikbombs and pouches to the models as possible with a few extra geenstuff belts and straps.
The basic color scheme is the same as the rest of my Orks but all armour and guns were painted with a green camo pattern for obvious reasons.

I run these guys with boss Snikrot at games >= 1000pts to good effect, i am in debate wether or not to convert a Snikrot or buy the GW model.

My current W/L/D with the Orks is 10/5/2, i am still really enjoying playing and painting them, the army currently stands at about 50% painted.