Friday, 28 May 2010

Battle report 1

I want to do a video battle report but its proving difficult to make although i am still trying.
This battle was fought at the Solihull club on the 27th of May.
It was Capture and control with dawn of war deployment and Marine vs Marine.

My army was two tactical squads and a sternguard squad all in Razorbacks, a ten man terminator squad lead by a chapter master.
The opposing force was two tactical squads, a devestator squad, an assault squad lead by a chaplain, two dreadnoughts and many scout squads.

The battle was quite memorable, most notable points being five of my units ran off the table, an all to common sight in my games and a five man scout squad defeating two tactical combat squads in assault when outnumbered 5 to 8.
In the end i was left with the chapter master and one terminator vs about 1/3 of my opponents original strength.
Final score was a defeat for my army.

The Brazen Fist current tally stands at W:3 L:4 D:1

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Inaugural post

* 2012 Mission Statement *
For some reason a lot of people like to read the first post and then not a lot else? (Statistics don't lie in this case)
To accommodate i have added a revised "Inaugural post".

For 2012 The Brazen Fist is going to be chock full of more 40K gaming related content than ever before! Check out some of my poorly implement conversions, minitures painted in my patented "Quick'n'Dirty" painting style and my half baked articles on tactics, scuttlebutt, reviews and GW conspiracy theories!!!!!

I am Lepuke, hear me whine.

* 2010 "Inaugural post" *
Just a quick post detailing my main initial goals of this blog and a bit of background information. 
Blog Goals
  • Maintain a detailed record of battles fought.
  • Develop the chapters background history and traits.
  • Improve my game of Warhammer 40K.
The Brazen Fists are as the name suggests an Imperial Fists successor chapter, the main reasons for choosing this chapter is that i like the Fists special characters (Lsyasander & Pedro) and the fist iconography is readily available making modeling a little easier. Brazen comes from the chapters bold tactics and brass/bronze armour detailing.

The color scheme of the Brazen Fists is very dark and metallic, their armour is mostly a blackened steel color with black joints, shoulder and knee pads are a very dark grey along with most of the hand armour.
Iconography and chest insignia are in a blackened bronze or brass, weapons and other wargear are usually black and finally helmet eyeglass is blue.