Wednesday, 23 June 2010

1500pts 100% Painted

I finally finished of the final Razorback so this week at club i should be playing 100% painted!
Next task is to go over and redo bits on the early stuff, add some more detail and maybe even some transfers.

Razorbacks and my Elites/HQ

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Belated battle reports

Just thought i would add a post to summirieze the battles i fought with the brazen fists prior to writing this blog.
Also it is worth mentioning that the Brazen Fists is pretty much the first 40K army i have played with since 1997 (a had a little game of 4th ed in a GW store circa 2008).

Battle 1: Marine vs Marine 650pts Capture and Control pitched battle. DRAW

Still learning the game i drawed, Shrike tore up much of my army and several squads started the great Brazen fist tradition of running away.

Battle 2: Marine vs Marine 850pts Annihilation and Spearhead. WIN

A very close fought battle won by a single kill point, i belive it would have been a draw if not for some rules confusion.

Battle 3: Marine vs Chaos Space Marine 850pts Annihilation and Pitched battle. LOSS

I had no chance to win from the start due massive imbalance of avaliable kill points, many of my units ran of the table again but i did manage to break a unit of Chaos marines with deamon weapon guy?

Battle 4: Marine vs Marine 1250pts Sieze Ground and Spearhead. WIN

My first battle with the barzen fists signiture assault cannon razorbacks, it was quite close fought but i managed to win by tankshocking a razorback onto the objective on the last turn.

Battle 5: Marine vs Marine 1500pts Annihilation and Spearhead. WIN

First 1500pts battle, i was lucky to win this as i had many units down to low numbers at the end of the game.

Battle 6: Ork vs Marine 1500pts Annihilation and pitched battle. LOSS

My first game against Ork was a bloodbath, bikers tore me up badly, in the end only a razorback survived.

Battle 7: Marine vs Blood Angels 1500pts Sieze Ground and Dawn of War. LOSS

Dawn of war deployment really hurts my army! I lost quite badly in this game.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Battle Report 4 (Mc Guffin's World: Mini Campaign)

This battle was fought at the Solihull club on the 17th of June, it was Seize ground mission objective with spearhead deployment armies being Marine vs Marine.
It was also the third battle in a mini campaign we are running "McGuffin's World"

My opponents list was Master of the forge, 6 basic dreadnought's, 2 tack squads and 4 scout squads. I was running a master of the forge with conversion beam, 2 tack squads in razorbacks, 2 terminators squads, a sternguard squad in razorback and a dreadnought.

I didn't seize the initiative this time so went second, to minimize the impact of this i deployed most of my army out of los however i did end up losing a razorbacks assault cannon, my opponent charged forward with his dreadnought line which was quite an intimidating sight. As every dreadnought used its smoke launchers i decided i would concentrate on positioning and minimizing casualties until turn two when they would be in range of my assault cannons and have no cover save.


My overall battle plan was to capture the center objective and objective 3, i moved the razorbacks up at full speed using the center one to block los for my terminators, shooting was fairly uneventfully on turn 1 however my master of the forge did managed to destroy a dreadnought with a lucky scatter.

Hiding behind Razorback

This battle was won on turn 2, with some very lucky damage rolls i managed to destroy 5 dreadnought's, kills coming from the master of the forge, lascannon razorback, rocket launcher and assault cannons. The center razorback once again was well used to block los in the center on the table.

Yet more hiding behind Razorback

The rest of the battle was now mopping up and claiming objectives and fairly uneventful bar a few humorous tankshocks and Sergeant "Lucky" Günstig managing to get his whole squad wiped out once again.


Günstig falls!

Survivor retreats

Overall the battle was a firm victory with 1 capture and 2 contested objectives, the opposing forces were reduced to 4 men where as my overall loses were about 300pts worth.

Once again the sternguard failed to make their points back and i used the wrong ammunition in their only shot of the game. The master of the forge did well easily getting is points back although i forgot to use the reinforce ability at the beginning of the game, it would not of made any difference this time.

I feel my list is really starting to get to the play style i want for my space marines with the 2 terminator and 2 tack squad in razorbacks being my core force i will customize the list with the remaining points, some units i am interested in trying are power weapon vanguard with chaplain in razorback as a replacement for the sterguard and a thunderfire cannon.

We also played a little 500pts game afterward as there was no one else available or the time for a bigger game, it was a fun little kill points game which i won by annihilation although i did make way too many lucky invul saves i also tried out terminator deepstriking which worked out well.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Camera Goodness 1

I got a new camera that can actually take close ups of miniatures pretty well so i will be uploading some pictures of my army.

Master of the Forge

Sergeant Günstig - 7th Tactical


Terminator Sergeant

Battle report 3 (McGuffin's World: Mini Campaign)

This battle was fought at the Solihull club on the 10th of June, it was Seize ground mission objective with dawn of war deployment armies being Marine vs Marine.
It was also the second battle in a mini campaign we are running "McGuffin's World"

My opponents list was the similar as last week with the addition of an extra dreadnought and fewer scouts, i was running a two terminator librarian's gate/might leading 5 terminators each, a 6 man sternguard in drop pod with locator and three five man tack squads in razorbacks.

I lucked out again and seized the initiative which allowed me to take out two squads of scouts in the first turn however i deployed poorly on the right flank which resulted in the loss of the flank and one of my scoring units.
My overall plan was capture the left objective and contest the right one which i had succeeded in doing quite early on in the game causing me to push too hard when i should of sat back and shot.
A noteworthy event was when i tried to use the gate with one of my terminator squads to have it scatter within 1" of a dreadnought causing them to go into reserve through the mishap table, this event caused my left flank to collapse as i had nothing really solid to defend against the dreadnoughts assault.
Overall i lost contesting one objective, had the game ended on turns five or six it would have been a draw.
I feel that three scoring units just isn't enough in and objective based game, this really made it difficult to win the game so i will be switching back to four combat squads next time.
I feel the terminators worked well again although i could have used them far better, the sternguard did better this time although they still all died again, i have refined my list once again.

Table setup

Turn one left objective secured by sternguard

Left flank moves up

Right flank overwhelmed

Terminators come back on after mishap

Terminators decimated by devastators

End game

Friday, 4 June 2010

Battle report 2 (McGuffin's World: Mini Campaign)

This battle was fought at the Solihull club on the 03th of June, it was capture and control mission objective with pitched battle deployment armies being Marine vs Marine.
It was also the first battle in a mini campaign we are running "McGuffin's World"

My opponents list was the same as last week, i was running a terminator librarian gate/avenger leading 7 terminators, a dreadnought in drop pod with locator, a 6 man sternguard in razorback, 2 tack squads in razorbacks and a 5 man scout squad.

The battle went much better than last week, i lucked out and seized the initiative which was fortunate as i would most likely of lost a razorback to a first turn suicide scout squad.

My battle plan was to push the left flank hard and swing around to the middle objective on turn 4/5 which is pretty much how it played out.
The terminators kicked ass like usual easily getting their points back, dreadnought died on the first turn again, scouts got a few kills but barely made their points back and finally the sternguard didn't even get a single shot off scoring all of their kills in assault!
Overall it was a victory for me capturing both objectives so i now get to choose the next mission in the campaign. There is one picture at the end of each turn this week, the big pylon things were the objectives.