Friday, 30 December 2011

Ikea gaming table

In this post I am going to explain how i made a (very) simple modular gaming table.

I have been looking for a gaming table solution for a while that takes up very little space but can easily be setup and would not look out of place in my living room.
Fortunately i live close by to an Ikea where they sell a cheep modular table system called the VIKA system.
This being Ikea all measurements are in metric so the table is just shy of 4' deep by about half an inch and the same again for its width, i feel this is acceptable for gaming as long as its taken into consideration for deployment etc, of course if you had boards or a realm of battle board to put on top then its no problem at all.

The table is effectively three VIKA AMON table tops attached by hinges, the center table top has normal legs but the outer table tops just have table leg mounting plates attached to the corners.
The outer table tops act as drop leaves for the main table so the table can easily be configured from a 2' by 2' to 4' by 4' for smaller games all the way up to the 6' by 4' for normal 40k.
The great thing about the legs for this table is that the mounting plate and the leg tube are threaded so when you want to use one of the leaves its as simple as swinging it out and screwing in the legs from underneath, the tops are quite light so this is no problem to do even with such large drop leaves.

Table tops are called VIKA AMON, they come in a bunch of different styles some of which are rather lurid (bright green) which are oddly cheaper than the more normal looking ones.

Table legs are called VIKA CURRY which also come in various colors.

Hinges were picked up from a normal hardware store, the hinges i used also have removable pins so the whole table can be dismantled without tools if necessary.

That's how it all screws together

Table with leaves down looks quite good

A single leaf up

All leaves up for gaming!

The sheet in the last picture was also sourced from Ikea and is quite a reasonable alternative to a GW grass mat or similar product.

Overall i am quite pleased with the table, it looks good and works well.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bonecrons rise again

With the release of the Necron codex its finally time to bust out my old Bonecrons, fortunately my old favorite unit (Scarabs) is now one of the best in the book however I am annoyed my Monoliths are now pretty rubbish.
Since Scarabs are no longer jetbikes and the little flying stalks they were on are kinda stupid so i have rebased the lot.

The little tufts of grass are the new Mordheim Turf grass tufts from GW, i think they look pretty nice and would recommend them to anyone.