Sunday, 17 April 2011

Black Reach Deffkopta to Rokkit Warbuggy Conversion

I wanted some rocket buggies for my Orks but the current "old" buggy model looks terrible so i converted some out of Deffkoptas of which i now have many.

The rear axle is straight off the Trukk model, all my Trukks now only have 2 axles although i think they look better for it.
The front section is from the top of the deffkopta and the old Ork bike model.

I have played 4 games with my Orks now, 1 at 1000pts, 2 at 1250pts and finally 1 at 1500pts of which i have won 3 and lost 1.
I am finding my Orks do very well in the mid game but don't have the staying power to survive a long game, two of my wins would have been draws or losses had the game lasted an extra turn and my one loss would have been a win had it ended sooner.

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  1. Suitably Orky, and much better than the Buggy, which looks really dated when compared with new miniatures. And the riders surely enjoy hot exhaust gases, seeing how the missiles are mounted directly in front of their seats.