Monday, 27 February 2012

Battlefield Birmingham 2012

This weekend I went to the Inaugural Battlefield Birmingham 40K tournament, it was the first tournament I have entered and it was good fun.
I took my Chaos Daemons mono God Tzeentch themed list and ended up 27th out of 38 with 2:2:1 (Win Loss Draw) ratio.
The mixture of list was pretty good although there were a lot of Grey Knights and some nasty spam lists.

I played:

1st: Orks, this was a balanced Kan wall list, it was a pretty brutal game that almost ended in a double KO although I just managed to scrape the win on the last turn.

2nd: Grey Knights, this was a Crowe Purifier list backed up by 3 Psyfleman dreads and a Vindicare assassin, only the assassin survived.
From this game I learnt not to kill Crowe in CC as his sacrifice power is extra nasty against Daemons.

3rd: Grey Knights, this was a Coteaz razorback spam list, less said about this game the better, I lost quite badly.

4th: Blood Angels, this was a heavy mech list taking advantage of the assault squad discount, unfortunately fateweaver screwed me over which ruined my plan, otherwise i think i would have done better in this one.

5th: Orks, this was standard Battlewagons with Ghaz, it was a draw although it could of gone either way on the last turn.

My army was also nominated for best painted and came 3rd overall which I was quite pleased about.


  1. Great paint jobs and a fluffy army. I admire your dedication to the hobby. Nice use of the Cockatrice.

    How did you do your snow?

  2. Cheers.

    My recipe for snow is to use a tub of ready mixed poly filler mixed with PVA glue, dab that mixture on the model then apply gale force 9 snow flock ontop of that while its drying.
    The filler stops the glue from going transparent and bulks it out a bit.

  3. I think the army looks great ;o)

  4. Cool army, as with your Orkz and your Brazen Fists. Very nasty when it functions correctly; especially those nasty blue flamers.

    Congratulations on the recognition your painting got.